Website update

I am getting a few people confused about the dead links. I am working on those in my spare time. I don’t have a lot of that right now, but the goal is to make the site easier to navigate in the near future. Currently all the product is still in the store link above. […]

1963 Unibody For Sale

  Twin turbo charged big block 427. Over 1000 hp, for real. This thing is fast. The below pictures are all current.               Below is a slideshow of the build.   List of details: Chassis includes my Dodge Dakota based front suspension with tubular control arms and needle bearing […]

Roadster Show Wrap Up

I want to thank all the people that came by both booths to say hello. You guys made our trip worth it. We came loaded with product, but something was amiss. I’m not sure exactly what happened to the show, but not only were prices up for us vendors but there were hardly any roadsters. […]

New way around the website

I’m working with suggestions on how to navigate the website here. If you notice there is a new header under the main one with year and makes. What will happen, is you will click the one that matches your vehicle and it will take you to a page and list all of the product and […]