65-66 Frame assembly B

Headway on the new generation of kits. 65-66 F100

3D Drawings available soon

I have decided to make some of the part library I have available for download in the Store. Currently I use Alibre’ 12 and can export to a “common” .STP or .sldprt  files. Expect to find more common parts like spindles and control arm mockups and steering gears. I won’t be putting up product that […]

Work has started on the 65-66 F100 Dakota kits!

We have the donated frame from Bill Wilson on the table and are currently straightening and mounting it to the table. Stay tuned for updates!

Contact information

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3536 W. Osborn
Suite 5
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Small Machine building service

Hammers, sorters, pick and place, tables, stands, and fixtures? Need something other than a hot rod or custom built? We have you covered here too.

We can design your machine using our own Alibre' solid modeling software or work from your specs.