Dodge Dakota Based IFS

This is the place for all Dodge Dakota based IFS information. Here you will find projects new and old as well as the old installation instructions from our kits, hints and tips on alignment and how to get the most of your Dakota based installation. This page is a work in progress, check back regularly for updates.




1957-1960 Ford F100 Dodge Dakota Kit

The old instruction sheets

One of those things that was difficult to do before, now here is what I have. If I can find more, I will post them.


Here is a list of the old instruction sheets in PDF form

47-55 GM Truck Dakota Kit Installation

1955-59 Chevy Truck Dakota Kit installation

53-56 Ford F100 Dakota Kit Installation






Dropped spindles and Brake interchanges

Dropped spindle and tie rod drop

There were several manufacturers of dropped spindles for the 1986-1996 Dodge Dakota. All came from a master pattern that we believe was actually derived from the D150 Dodge full size trucks.

We do know the brake rotors, bearings, calipers and brackets from those trucks will interchange with the Dodge Dakota parts. So if you are looking for a bigger brake and 5 on 5.5″ bolt patterns for your Dakota spindles, source the 1974 through 1985 D150 parts.

However, with the dropped spindles and this little artifact we found about the brakes, the steering arms are in the incorrect position and do induce a bumpsteer not present with the stock Dakota spindles. We developed this tie rod end drop kit to resolve the issue. I will still offer the parts to make the conversion. The rendering in this PDF file is a three dimensional image. Click the image in the downloaded PDF file one time and let your computer do it’s thing. Once rendered you can click on the image and rotate it around to see how the conversion is done.


Dropped Dakota spindle tie rod drop