Issue found with Heidt’s Mustang II stock spindles

We had a customer complain about one of our Studebaker clips not capable of an alignment recently. With all the shims removed from the adjusting plate, there was still negative camber. I had to investigate further, and on a chassis we are supplying right now we had the same issue come up. This is brand […]

The Metro Truck Five years on

Dr Marvelus and I busted our asses for nine straight months to pull off this build. It’s changed hands a few times now, but still looks great. The new wheels look better than the cast Foose wheels it had.

More new stuff on the website

I have been working on getting the framework done for the new features I want for the website and fixing some of the dumb stuff I had as place holders. Still not done, but happy with some of the progress. What I received in feed back from customers was navigation on the store, difficulty finding […]

New feature coming soon

  One of the reasons for doing the redesign is for you the customer to navigate and find products easier. The other is to add in a new forum that will go live in the next few days (I hope) where you and I can engage in a more technical sense.  I get asked to […]

The Product Lines

I’m getting quite a few Email’s regarding the Dakota IFS kits and components and for the 32 Ford products.

Right now, I do not have stock, blems, partials, or returns.

We will be moving over the next few weeks and hope to have some of the production back up and running by Spring.
Check in here for future updates