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10th Annual Openhouse Party!

I can’t believe this is the tenth one of these I have thrown.  It all started off as a HAMB get together and do something fun. We built an aluminum hood top for Sam Strube’s Roach Rod. Some stayed until the wee hours of the morning to help. Since then, we have shown sheet metal repair, body leading, pinstriping on my truck, aluminum welding with Oxy/Acetylene, more body leading, aluminum casting and CNC Plasma operation, and let everyone play with the tools.

This year we have our helve hammer up and running and would love to show you guys and gals how to use it. We also have a pair of electric powered barstools for late night mayhem if you feel inclined.


Stop on by any time after 5pm November 19th. Here are some directions.

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2 thoughts on “10th Annual Openhouse Party!

  1. I missed it last year but, looking forward to seeing you tonight and hanging out. Anything to bring?

    1. Steve! Get here early and set up one of your drag cars. Got any Nitro powered toys you want to cackle?

      Otherwise it’s BYOB, we have the rest.


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