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1953-64 Studebaker frame

I have discontinued all the Studebaker products and do not have a desire to continue the product line. Our fixturing was damaged in our move in the beginning of 2020 and the low volume of sales does not warrant the reconstruction of the fixturing. I am not interested in selling plans to build your own. I will entertain a licensing program for those with the capacity for production only.


We have been working on a complete replacement frame for the Studebaker coupe. We had built a complete frame for a customer a few years back where we integrated one of our Studebaker clips and an early C4 Corvette rear suspension. We also learned what does and doesn’t work to make a frame that fits the stock body without modification. Well, very few and simple modifications anyway. Those tiny foot-well boxes behind the front seat have got to go. What we are delivering is a frame with significant improvements in strength. And almost all the stock body mounts are located in stock locations and stock body rubbers are used. No need to alter your front fenders, stock components fit.

Straighter frame rails and more clearance for exhaust systems. We keep the entire frame profile slim for good ground clearance as well as give you room for future modifications. We made the rear kickup quite a bit different by utilizing more space under the stock floor. This gives  us better places to attach the triangulated four bars and still not have to modify the floor. This rear kick up is also slightly narrower so that if you decide to do a mini-tub on the rear you have frame clearance to run up to a 275 wide rear tire on a 9″ wheel.

Full Frame for 53-64 Studebaker coupes.
Full Frame for 53-64 Studebaker coupes.

5 thoughts on “1953-64 Studebaker frame

  1. Been a while…my front clip is installed…car is still in a coma…

    I wish I had waited, posted over at the Studebaker forums and will do the same at the racing
    Studebakers site.

    Bill Foy

    1. Thank you Bill!

      I need all the help I can spreading the word about these. Its a bit taboo for me to spam those forums without either paying for advertising or being a contributing member for some time. I have watched some of the traffic come in from Racing Studebakers and have browsed their site a bit. Looks like a good bunch of guys.

      The guys over at Studebaker Drivers club seemed to enjoy some of my work also, even if they thought it was a bit over the top 😉

  2. I have been putting the final pieces on the customers frame today. Check back to see the final product.

  3. I’ve just bought a 1953 Studebaker Coupe which I want to transform into a modern interpretation of the Studillac. I intend to buy a mid-2000’s Cadillac CTS-V as a donor car and use as much of it as I can. I’d like to have the donor car shipped to you and you ship me back a rolling chassis and the remaining parts of the donor or resell them on the bodyshop market.


    1. Sounds like a fun project! Give me a call at the shop, 888-553-8996 and we can discuss the details.

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