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1955-1959 GM Dakota kits very soon. AND MORE!

Been working on the design for the newest kit to our line. The 1955-1959 GM Truck Dakota kit. We will have this ready by the end of September in two forms. Our standard kit that accepts the stock ’87-’96 Dodge Dakota componentry and this will be our first venture into a tube control arm and coil over front end! Yes, you read that right we are going to offer tube control arms very soon. I have been working on the design and the fixturing to get these to a reasonable cost. So look for an official release of the newest kits very soon.

We have also been working on engine mounts and bolt on anti-roll bar mounts. I have some almost ready to go for Ford and Chevy engines in the 35-56 F100 kits. I need to check fitment on the others before we release them.



5 thoughts on “1955-1959 GM Dakota kits very soon. AND MORE!

  1. Very excited. Got a few household projects ahead in line but I’m going to start saving for this one. 1/2 ton IFS with 8 lug, 13″ rotors? Gives me an excuse to put a disc’ed 14 bolt in rear. Awesome.

    1. Yep, and using the heavy duty spindle upper half can get you all the way up to the 1 ton rotor!

    2. Killin’ me.

  2. Frame is drawn and the major bits of the kit are in place. Still have a few pieces to go before production. I should have the first kit done this coming week.

  3. 🙂 Take your time. I’m sure the product will be worth the wait

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