1957-60 F100

 The “Fridge” trucks have a great cult following. Not nearly as popular as the earlier or later trucks, but are coming on strong with their own unique look. Getting these trucks to drive like they deserve has many routes. Some IFS kits such as the very popular Mustang II based kits have some serious drawbacks for those of you who really want to drive these trucks.


Most all of the Mustang II kits are going to lower your truck substantially, and if that’s your thing then you’re in good shape. While I do like the Mustang II suspension, it’s limited. Stock usage of the Mustang II is limited to about 1900# load. Your truck is going to put about 2200# on the front axle overloading a stock Mustang II by about 300# causing rapid wear on ball joints and bushings. The track width will also need to be increased by 4″ to get anywhere close to the stock 61″ track width. I have further reading on my Mustang II Tech File where I can get more in depth with the problems with modifying the Mustang II.



The Crown Victoria suspension is also very popular, even though the track width is a bit too wide and wheel selection is limited. Most all of the installations I have seen do not reinforce the frame. Limited boxing AND removal of key cross members makes for a flexible frame. Without boxing the frame you will notice the hood and fenders not maintain alignment or increased road noise, squeaks and rattles. While it has proven to be a durable suspension and a similar weight range it does have some odd quirks of that may hinder your easy and cheap choice.

Dodge Dakota

Of course our choice would be the IFS we build. The Dakota introduced model year 1997 was a game changer. Creating the Mid-Size pickup, it was also the first pickup with rack and pinion steering. The Dakota has the same track width as your Fridge and a load capacity well in excess of what your truck will need. For more information hit the Dakota Tech File for the low-down on all the details of why we choose this as the best available suspension for your truck.

Dakota IFS Kit for 1957-1960 Ford F100

1953-1966 Windsor Ford Mounts

1953-1966 Ford truck to GM Engine Mounts


Soon we will be offering two rear suspension kits, bridge notch and stock frame.

Follow the build we did for a good friend and customer: Jon-Wulf 1960 F100