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1961-1964 F100 Power brake kit

This solves a few problems for hot rodding your 1961-64 F100. The addition of power brakes can be a bit of a pain due to the lack of space on these trucks.

This unit moves the brake booster to the outside by 3.5″ and also moves the brake pedal pad a bit for a more comfortable ergonomic. Steering column placement can be centered up for a better aesthetic also.

Use Ford Ranger boosters from the early 80’s and possibly some of the larger F series trucks of the same years.

Bolts into existing mounting holes on the firewall and dash board. Welding of the old master cylinder hole is required as is drilling the new holes for the new master/booster location.

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(sorry, no clutch option at this time)

5 thoughts on “1961-1964 F100 Power brake kit

  1. what is the price and how do you order it? I do not see it when I click on shop

    1. Still working a price for these, if you give me a call on Monday I let you know the details.

      1. Now in stock and available!

  2. Would this work on 57-60 F100s?

    1. Probably not. The cowls from the two are quite different.

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