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The place on this website where you can find technical information specifically for Independent Front suspensions of the Dodge Dakota, Corvette, Mustang II or custom fabricated and one off varieties.

Each sub page is donor vehicle specific. In those pages you will find more pictures, drawings and downloadable PDF files of instruction sheets. As more headline material is added I will post links below.


Tube arms with coil overs and Baer Disc brakes
Custom built Dakota based IFS


Links to articles I have written for other boards

Drill an I-Beam axle and here are the missing pictures for that thread: CLICK HERE

How to build your own Mustang II type kit

Warning from Street Scene Magazine about Fatman Fabrication kits
Warning about certain types of strut rod eliminators for Mustang II IFS


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2 thoughts on “TECH FILES

  1. Hello, you helped me out by a phone call a few years back. i did get my brake issue resolved, thank you. I have another question, A 56 ford pickup with ifs dakota front end. i read your spring tech article, and am looking for the best spring. engine is a 392 Hemi with Turbo 350 trans. i do not know what srings are in the truck now. i could pull one out and get it rated. but was wondering if the cc772 is what i should put in it. Is this spring enough to hold the Hemi weight?

    1. The CC772 springs would be better suited for an engine set up weighing in over 900 pounds in a 56 F100. Something like a Cummins 12Valve weighs that much.

      Is the truck too low? Too High?

      You really need to measure the installed height of the spring as it is now, then pull it, measure the free length and have the spring rate checked to make an accurate decision.

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