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9th Annual Open House Party

WHEW! What a blow out!

Three weeks ago I could not have told you if we were going to be able to do this but everything pulled together at 10 after the last minute. Aaron and Jim smoked their pork to perfection all over again. Lorna and Loretta worked without reward and Nick Flores did an 11th hour DJ for us. Fantastic.  We figure we served over 120 people, and some even got second helpings.

Chip raffled off a $150 gift certificate with a 50/50 drawing, and we were able to kick back some extra $ to the help.  Terry McG won the whole deal, congratulations!

I had quite a few ask what our demo was going to be but because of my work schedule I wasn’t able to finish the helve hammer and shrinker stretcher stands in time. But what I did accomplish got rave reviews. Even had one of our friends want to take the hammer home and display it in his living room. I did see people experimenting with the tools, that’s always cool. We have always been hands on around here so seeing Tom Roth showing the next generation of metal bashers how a shrinker and bead rollers work was pretty cool.

Let’s hope this next year is much better than this one and for our 10th annual open house we can do something truly special


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