Opening Day is getting closer

I am getting really hammered with requests for product, I really want to get back to production. This COVID virus has really put the brakes on everything. We had hoped to be up and running by last month, more likely we will have things working and ready for production by mid-August now.

Covid Blues

This has been one strange journey. Since our merge with Phoenix Hotrod Company in February, the move came to a crawl. The preparation for our new location in Tempe Arizona almost ground to a halt. The electrical install has taken way longer than we anticipated. However, things are finally getting wrapped up. Machinery is finally […]

Making use of my free time

Quarantine time We find ourselves in strange times with this viral outbreak. My merger with Phoenix Hotrod Company is ongoing, but we are on a limited work schedule. So what am I to do with a four day weekend for the next few weeks. Normally we work a 4-10 with a nice three day weekend, […]

Do work son!

Yeah, things are progressing. The move is moving forward. It’s looking like about six weeks or so of this posting that we will be back. The web-store will be back when we are able to produce. There may be a delay in between when you order and when we ship, but no more than a […]

News and Updates

The move is progressing. This current viral outbreak has really slowed down the progress of getting the new shop up and running. More equipment has been moved in, electrical and air supply lines are going in, stations are getting placed and the team is coming together.

The product lines will be back, there is even talk about expanding and introducing new projects. The current focus is going to be on just hot rod fabrication. As in “turn-key” work, full builds.