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Bench Racing Forums

The Bench Racing Forum is the place to ask questions and have a discussion about the products we make and sell.

The forums can be found in the tool bar above and to the left, click that tab and join me in the forums.

There we can discuss the products offered, your project or just ask a question about your build. I would much rather have a conversation here than on social media pages.

3 thoughts on “Bench Racing Forums

  1. I am starting a build on a 32 roadster. As I was searching the web for info I came across your product i.e. “32 k member legs”. In my world they are an answer to a prayer cause I am really not building with h.p. enough to require boxing in region you have provided support. This seemed to be the only way of finding out cost and availability. Any help in this area would be appreciated. If there is another avenue I need to pursue to ask question please point me to it. Thanks

  2. Straight legs are $250 and are for flat floor cars. Bent legs are $375.00 and are for stock floor cars such as the 3W

    1. Contact and she can take your order.

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