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1931 Model A Sedan build

This build has been in the works for a few months now.  A 1931 Ford Model A that has made it’s way here from Bakersfield California passing through many promising hands before our customer got it. Now we are working for a classic hot rod look in the lineage of Doane Spencer 1932 Ford Roadster.

Starting off with two lengths of 2X4 inch pickled and oiled box tube, we capped the ends and filled them with packed sand. Using a process called bump bending in a hydraulic press we are able to curve the frame rail sections to conform to the outer profile of the body.  Once the basic profiles were created using a simple drawing on the floor we were able to transfer these dimensions into Alibre’, our solid modeling software. This allows me to make design decisions before committing our customers cash in wasted labor. We can also take this data and export it into the CNC plasma to make one off parts for each build.

Perimiter frame mockup

The center crossmember is fabricated from 1 3/4″ tubing, the frame rails got a series of 2 1/2″ holes on the inside and the rear kick-up is fabricated from 2X3 P&O steel tube. The front spring crossmember is a generic hot rod Model A part. we did several mock ups with the front and rear suspension parts in place to confirm our measurements and to make sure we had the “look” down tight.

Perimiter frame and mocked up suspension parts

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Open House and the holiday Kick-Off

Howdy folks, It’s that time of year again. Man oh man did this summer fly by, its been a tough one for sure.

I wanted to say a good by to a good friend and mentor to me, Rick Stewart. I owe a ton of my style and techniques to this man. He is one of the very few that pushed me into this business and I am honored to have known him and called him a friend. I will miss him.

On a brighter note, the annual Open house party. This will be the 8th one, so that means the seventh annual? Whatever, it’s gonna be a blowout again. Chris Swanberg is bringing his furnace and we’re gonna melt some metal and show everyone how to do at home casting techniques! This should be a crowd pleaser. And I will give everyone a demo on gas welding sheet metal. DJ Dan and his side-kick Dedo or is it the other way around will be spinning the wax and vinyl again. Most likely an impromptu mini-bike race will break out and there may be some burnouts, you just never know.

We have had some employee shakeups but are pleased to announce Wes Zeller as our newest addition to the staff.

Check the Photobucket over there on the right for the latest pictures.


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Good and bad but we are on track.

We finally got confirmation on the red GT and knocked it out in record time. While we were waiting we actually got another Studebaker GT job, this one a complete build with a narrowed Corvette rear, all new box tube frame, chrome and polished everything. Will be posting pictures in the Photobucket account as I take them.

The Corvette Kit car actually looks like a car. The body mounts are going on as I type. Pics of it to come also…

Check back in a bit,