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Open House and the holiday Kick-Off

Howdy folks, It’s that time of year again. Man oh man did this summer fly by, its been a tough one for sure.

I wanted to say a good by to a good friend and mentor to me, Rick Stewart. I owe a ton of my style and techniques to this man. He is one of the very few that pushed me into this business and I am honored to have known him and called him a friend. I will miss him.

On a brighter note, the annual Open house party. This will be the 8th one, so that means the seventh annual? Whatever, it’s gonna be a blowout again. Chris Swanberg is bringing his furnace and we’re gonna melt some metal and show everyone how to do at home casting techniques! This should be a crowd pleaser. And I will give everyone a demo on gas welding sheet metal. DJ Dan and his side-kick Dedo or is it the other way around will be spinning the wax and vinyl again. Most likely an impromptu mini-bike race will break out and there may be some burnouts, you just never know.

We have had some employee shakeups but are pleased to announce Wes Zeller as our newest addition to the staff.

Check the Photobucket over there on the right for the latest pictures.


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Good and bad but we are on track.

We finally got confirmation on the red GT and knocked it out in record time. While we were waiting we actually got another Studebaker GT job, this one a complete build with a narrowed Corvette rear, all new box tube frame, chrome and polished everything. Will be posting pictures in the Photobucket account as I take them.

The Corvette Kit car actually looks like a car. The body mounts are going on as I type. Pics of it to come also…

Check back in a bit,


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The Next few months

With the economy the way it is, most businesses are lucky to be in business right now. We are very fortunate to be one of those that is doing as well as could be expected.

To get this blog rolling, I wanted to state some of the things that have happened and what is to come. In 2007, Adam Young Fabrication became a partner and added his dropped axle service to our corporation. His intent was to expand the product line and push forward our Dodge Dakota based suspension kits leaving me to do more product development and custom fabrication. We did produce prototypes of our new Gen III coil over suspension kit and got two of them on the road. First up was a complete chassis under the Dynacorn 53 Chevrolet pickup. Second was a local car, 1941 Packard Sedan and both were able to push beyond our customers expectations in drive, comfort and handling.

Due to unforeseen circumstances Adam relocated to Seattle Washington at the end of 2008, this put a huge dampener on the business and product development. We came to the solution of splitting the business this year. Adam has been slow to get his new fabrication shop running but the end goal is for him to produce the current product line and start in on the new complete coil over Gen III suspension. With a completion date of September 09 for his new shop, he will also produce the standard frames and chassis for 1948-1956 Ford and 1947-1959 GM trucks from his location as (tbd) Adam Young Fabrication by the fall of this year.

Currently we have parred down the product line to match sales. We only offer the basic crossmember kits for 1948-1964 Ford trucks and 1955-1959 GM trucks. But our focus here at Industrial Chassis has changed.

Our new focus is centered around custom fabrication and suspension tuning. There are far too many hot rods and customs that have been on the road that do not perform as the owners prefer, and it is our goal to step in and resolve these issues. Drawing on my nearly 20 years of experience building, maintaining and repairing pre1965 cars and trucks, I can pinpoint a solution and perform the necessary repair or re-engineering needed.

Of course we will continue to offer our services for custom chassis fabrication. We will add to our services, suspension design and installation, custom frames and crossmembers, custom exhaust, turbo charging, fuel and brake line installation, custom fuel tanks and engine bracketry, brake pedal and steering setups. Anything that you as a hot rod or custom owner don’t feel comfortable doing yourself or if you just happen to like our mechanical style, we are here for you, our customer.

Apperance wise we are going to do some remodeling of the shop. The re-installation of a showroom and customers lounge. A service bay where you can bring your nicely finished vehicles and keep them out of the heavy fabrication area. New equipment and software to not only diagnose an issue but to speed up the process to repair or fabricate. Also look for new apparel and other merchandise to support your local hot rod shop.

Our reputation was built on quality parts and knowledgeable service, something that will not change.