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I have been very interested in your 57 Olds project. I have been working on my 98 for 34 years. It has a 6 speed and disk brakes and I am working on AC. Your putting the compressor where the generator was and driving the alternator off the compressor is a good idea. Can you share any hints about what model compressor and any prefabbed mount that you may have started with. I no longer have plenums but now have a Gen II Vintage Air in the dash.

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Pat, I did a few of those bracket sets a while back. We used the standard 508 style compressor and GM alternator. The owner wanted me to try and restore the stock AC on that car, but it was missing far too much and what was there, was sandblasted by the guys at DVAP. Ray ended up replacing the entire evaporator set with a Vintage Air system and my engine bracket. Still works just fine. 


I have the bracket patterns on file, if you were interested, I could produce one for about $250