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Modifying Mustang II stock spindles to accept K719 ball joints

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Read the interesting article on K719 vs K772 ball joints. The K772 has a .724 major taper and the K719 has a .780 major taper so, from what I read, the lower ball joint socket would have to be modified. Both use the 1.5:12 taper. Is there a source for modified spindles or do you need to get stock spindles modified at a machine shop. Is this an easy process to do?


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I enlarge the taper on the bottom of the Mustang II spindle to match the larger lower ball joint stem. 


You can pick up a taper ream from places like Summit or Speedway fairly cheap. 

I have an expensive one that doesn't perform any better than the cheap ones. 

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I'm planning to swap in a new pair of dropped Mustang II spindles and do this ball joint upgrade. Can you comment or recommend whose spindles to go with. CPP has a deal going on ebay right now for $95. Are Heidts or SPC worth the double/triple the price? Thanks.