Mark Crellin 1948 Ford F1

Hello Steve,


So after 15 years or so, I have finally started driving my 1948 Ford F-1. It has one of your early cross member kits (Industrial Chassis Inc.) with 4 cylinder springs (uncut), Western Chassis drop spindles (as suggested by you) and retains the stock Dodge Dakota front sway bar (owner fabricated brackets). I also installed a rear parallel leaf spring kit from another manufacturer, who is no longer in business, and a rear sway bar out of a Chevy Blazer (owner fabricated brackets). The ride height is perfect for daily driving, not too low for obstacles, speed bumps and curbs. I am running a 1997 Dodge Dakota 5.2 liter (318 cu/in) Mpi motor with the 4 speed automatic overdrive transmission. The truck handles like it is on rails, I am very happy with the components that I have chosen and also with the quality and ease of installation that the kits provided by you (Industrial Chassis Inc.). As a side note, I have none of the bump steer issues that I have read about with some peoples installations of your product. I also have one of your hanging brake pedal kits in my truck.


Thank you



1948 ford f-1 073