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Do work son!

Yeah, things are progressing. The move is moving forward. It’s looking like about six weeks or so of this posting that we will be back.

The web-store will be back when we are able to produce. There may be a delay in between when you order and when we ship, but no more than a week as we sort the production and shipping in the new location.

This has been one of the wildest journeys so far. The potential here is going to be next level for the entire team.

2 thoughts on “Do work son!

  1. Well this is EXCITING news! I had been checking back, from time to time, hoping that there would once again be a decent IFS option for the 53-56 F-100 crowd!

    1. We are just now starting to do production dry runs. Still waiting on the dust collection system to be installed, currently cut time has to be minimized to keep from killing everyone with plasma dust.

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