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Full X-member for 32 Fords

Full bolt in, actually stiffens the frame and allows for a transmission change. Now includes front frame horn liners and “bolt-in” front split wishbone mounts.

Available now, hit the store! 

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3 thoughts on “Full X-member for 32 Fords

  1. Is your X-Member designed to use a stock brake and clutch pedal assembly? Also, what would you be charging for it?


    1. The Full X is designed to use a 39-40 pedal box set. Aftermarket units for the 35-40 will also work.

      The X as shown is $1800 plus shipping. It breaks down to one box UPS shippable and weighs in at 70 pounds.

  2. These kits will include a brake and clutch kit that replicates the 1939 Ford pedal set. Set up for three bolt or two bolt brake master cylinders.

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