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New Product: 1932 Ford Bolt in Brake and Clutch pedal set

Traditionalists and Vintage Hot Rodders, all of us with stock framed 32 Fords or A-V8’s with 32 K-members, having trouble finding brake and clutch pedals? Yep, they are expensive and rare to find a decent set. Then when you do get them hooking up hydraulic brakes and a functioning clutch pedal is a pain, right?


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Well, here we go. I am offering a pedal set that is a true bolt in. No fabrication required. Uses existing holes and the hardware IS included. Pedals are fabricated 3/8″ steel with greaseable bronze bushings and thrust washers and features the stock 1/4 NPT thread so stock style pedal pads will fit properly. We offer this with one of two master cylinder brackets, a V8 style Ford 3-bolt flange or a later 2-bolt flange for those of you who want to run either a single “Fruit Jar” master or a later Dual chamber master cylinder.

The trick here is the operation of the clutch. It works like the heralded ’39 pedal set. The clutch shaft passes through the mounting bracket and through the brake pedal and puts the actuation arm between the brake pedal and your transmission. With your clutch release lever pointed up, a pair of clevises or HEIMs to connect between them is all that is necessary for your clutch system.


Price for the kit pictured here is $450.00 US. plus shipping. [add_to_cart=1159]

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4 thoughts on “New Product: 1932 Ford Bolt in Brake and Clutch pedal set

  1. Do you have a picture of how the master cylinder is mounted on the back side ?
    I have a 32 model B still original and would move the battery holding bracket back to make everything fit.
    Any info or pictures would help.
    Ref. new product 1932 Ford bolt in brake clutch pedal set.
    Thank you
    Richard Oliphant

      1. Thank you, perfect
        Richard O

  2. Hi. How do I order the 1932 brake and clutch pedal set?
    Regards Thomas.

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