New to the site? having issues with placing an order?

Had someone tell me they were having an issue and not able to place an order. They were using Internet Explorer 10 (IE 10.0) and when they hit “add to cart” a popup window opened and just stalled.

If you register an account with my website; name, email and a password, then go back to the store everything should work just fine.


If you find any more bugs, please let me know!


  1. jtheisler says

    I can’t pay for my order of the dakota crossmember through either chrome or IE. After I enter my checkout information, it tries to go to Paypal, but displays the following error – “Error detected, your shopping cart is empty”.

  2. jtheisler says

    It appears that there is nothing in the title for the dakota IFS – – and it shows up in my cart without a title under the “Product” column. Could this be causing the problem?

    Love to buy one of your crossmembers – the design looks solid.

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