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Open House and the holiday Kick-Off

Howdy folks, It’s that time of year again. Man oh man did this summer fly by, its been a tough one for sure.

I wanted to say a good by to a good friend and mentor to me, Rick Stewart. I owe a ton of my style and techniques to this man. He is one of the very few that pushed me into this business and I am honored to have known him and called him a friend. I will miss him.

On a brighter note, the annual Open house party. This will be the 8th one, so that means the seventh annual? Whatever, it’s gonna be a blowout again. Chris Swanberg is bringing his furnace and we’re gonna melt some metal and show everyone how to do at home casting techniques! This should be a crowd pleaser. And I will give everyone a demo on gas welding sheet metal. DJ Dan and his side-kick Dedo or is it the other way around will be spinning the wax and vinyl again. Most likely an impromptu mini-bike race will break out and there may be some burnouts, you just never know.

We have had some employee shakeups but are pleased to announce Wes Zeller as our newest addition to the staff.

Check the Photobucket over there on the right for the latest pictures.


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