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Product Showcase: 1932 Ford bolt-in K-member legs

The missing link(s) in your stock 1932 Ford frame, these bolt in legs turn your K-member into a full ’33 and up style X-member increasing chassis stiffness greatly. These legs are made from 10 gauge Cold Rolled Steel and formed in our press brake to mimic the look of a factory made part. Drilling holes in your frame is not required. These use the existing transmission mount bolts and the rear fender bolt locations. We have included a third mounting bolt hole location that would fall inside the rear fender if you desire to install it.

Lower bridge piece not included.

2 thoughts on “Product Showcase: 1932 Ford bolt-in K-member legs

  1. I am going to build my second hot rod, it’s a 32 roadster with a flathead and a original frame.

    I saw that you have what I exactly need. I am looking for the k-member legs and the transmission plate for splitting wishbones, also the boxing plates and fixing parts in the rear for the

    Model a cross member. Is it possible that you can send me this parts to Switzerland and what is the price for it. I was looking a long time for this parts and your parts looking perfect.

    Greetings from Switzerland


  2. Sweeet! Just the thing for Project 5 on the Car Project List. Its easy to produce part with the right tools.


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