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Product Showcase: Early Oldsmobile engine mounts

The first Oldsmobile overhead valve engines are definitely one of the coolest, vintage engines you could put in your hot rod. The availability and variety of accessories makes the early Olds a winner in our book but mounting them can rack the brains of the novice installer. The stock tricycle mount works fine if you have a stock trans, however, if you don’t want to run a Hydro your engine mounting scheme hits a brick wall.

Ross Racing Engines has provided some stellar adapters to mount manual and modern GM transmissions to these engine. We use one of their adapters in the current ’31 Sedan build using a Tremec TKO 500. The loss of the stock Hydro means the loss of the rear engine/transmission mounts. It makes sense to use the mounting pad on the Tremec and mount the engine more conventionally. This was the idea behind the vintage Hurst mounts, we went a slightly different route. CNC cut from 1/4″ steel plate, formed and TIG welded, we picked up the stock engine mounting holes in the timing cover. The mounts are made from Energy Suspension universal polyurethane mounts, we machined the aluminum cups to restrain the bushing and add a bit of class. These will get polished and the mount will be chromed.


Mount installed

So if you are interested in something like this for your own project, we made a few extra. They are in the E-store in plain or chrome!

Now in CHROME!

4 thoughts on “Product Showcase: Early Oldsmobile engine mounts

  1. Steve,
    Why did you use the universal polyurethane mounts instead of the old Ford round rubber mounts?


    1. Not impressed with the Ford biscuit mount for controlling the engine. These will outlast and isolate better with the much heavier than a Flathead Oldsmobile engine.

  2. it is possible to order one engine mount?
    for a oldsmobile rocket

    1. I am shutting down the mail order product and will no longer produce any new parts. I do not have any old stock or blems to sell.

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