So close you can taste it!

Here we are folks, #2 is installed and this is #3 and the first one to ship.

Installation is much easier than before and the frame stiffness is unmatched. I have been test fitting parts and making small corrections so that you get a high quality part you won’t have to fight to install and will enjoy for years to come.



  1. Hey Steve, Any thought about tubular A arms and coilover setup for this Dakota setup???

    • Yes I have! I need to get the base kits all fixtured up first. I actually have a few ideas to try that would increase strength, lightness and decrease cost!

      I still want to do the full bolt in kit too.

  2. Steve Veal says

    Steve Is this the 53-56 ford and how long before i can get one

    • Just got in a few minutes ago with my new acquisition, I ended up with a 54. I will blow it apart and clean it up over the next few weeks to get down to the frame and it will take a week or so from there to get the kits ready. Sooner the better.

      phoneloads, Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App

  3. nice work on the new dakota IFS for ford f 100s
    what do you have for the rear ? derbydad276

    • Nothing just yet. I will be building the frame for my newest acquisition over the next few months and want to do a rear linkage system. Probably an nonparallel unequal length four link with a Watts and sleeve air springs.

      Going to have to wait and see though.

  4. Rob Redlich says

    Are you going to build a IFS package for 1948-1952 Ford F-1’s ? I’ve got a 1949 and I bought a Volare sub for it (actually out of an 89 Chysler Fifth Ave) but I’d rather use one of your Dakota setups! Let me know! Thanks Rob

  5. Brian McArthur says

    I picked up a 1960 F100 about 2 years ago and just pulled the motor for rebuild. I have looked for options on the front and rear end to lower it and update the suspension, steering and brakes and found your website. I know parts are limited for 57-60 but from what I see that you have so far looks good. Will your IFS fit my 1960? I would like to talk to you about any current or future parts you are working on that I could use in the build. Email me when you get a chance.



    • Brian,

      Your truck is one of the year models we want to cover.

      Previously I offered the Dakota kit and a brake kit that offset the power booster to clear larger V8 engines. I fully intend to bring similar but upgraded parts on line for your truck in the upcoming months.

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