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Still here! Still working hard!

There has been a hurried rush to get this 51 Chevy truck done before the new year. It has consumed all of our time, stalling every other project in the shop.

As soon as we have this truck done we need to get caught up on the rat-rod projects and the Jaguar suspended 1957 Oldsmobile. Shortly after we clear our plate we are going to finish the crossmember kit series for the Ford trucks ranging from 1953-1966. Top priority for us. Soon after that we are going to start our next product line of hot rod chassis, including a very inexpensive frame for you to start your own project from if you so wish.

The focus on that series of frames is going to be 60s Drag Racing inspired and somewhat modular so you can mix and match from our catalog to end up with something unique. Lets try and drag the Rat-Rodders kicking and screaming into performance and looks!

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  1. Cant wait for the Dakota suspention for th 65 F100,I am local so let me Know when they are ready so I can pick one up, Thanks Robert

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