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Stupid viral outbreak

I apologize for the lack of updates, but we are having growing pains. The new building and the move has taken way longer to accomplish than anticipated.

First the shut down and move since the first of the year, moving the equipment to the new location in Tempe AZ and the merge with Phoenix Hotrod Company, all of which was underway when this shut down has occurred. Most of the move went fairly well, but getting the trades in the new location to do build-out of the building was slow or delayed. But the thing that is absolutely kicking our butts is the dust collection system for the plasma table.

The new location is air-conditioned. Going to be so nice for those hot Arizona summers. In fact, this past summer we broke a record of days over 100º by one day (so far) and it’s been really dry. Our Monsoon storms were non-existent this year, which was sort of a blessing as a lot of our equipment was stored outside. And as it goes, the last thing we need before we can ramp up production is the dust collector. The plasma table can really kick up some dust when we are cutting. The portable units we have for temporary use just are not capable, and I can plug up the HVAC filters in minutes. There have been promises to get this system up and running since early September, not even close. The blower fans needed haven’t even been made yet.

So the minimal cutting we can do without choking everyone out has resulted in something. As a test run, we made two of the bolt in kits for the 47-55 Chevy/GMC trucks. One is spoken for, the other is up for grabs!

The other products can resume as soon as we can. Look forward to an announcement on the page, I will have the web store up here and there as Industrial Chassis Becomes the “house brand” for PHC. And trying to talk the boss into a Grand Opening party/Throwdown/Meet-N-Greet or maybe a pancake breakfast or something.

5 thoughts on “Stupid viral outbreak

  1. I am in the market for front suspension for my 50 GMC 1 ton, I was reading the article below where it mentions you built two setups and have one left, is that still the case?
    This is my first suspension project like this so I am in the learning phase! Any info you can provide would be very appreciated! Thank you

    1. Please check out the Tech Files page to learn more about these kits

  2. Good afternoon, Steve.

    Any updates on the progress, if any, to get the Dakota IFS cross members back into production? For me specifically it would be the 53-56 F-100’s. 😎

    Kinda waiting on pins & needles as I’d guess others are also.


    1. Sorry for not updating. Going crazy right now.

      We are slowly getting going again. I am cutting a few kits this week, and will be assembling them next week.
      2 53-56 F100 kits
      2 61-64 F100 kits

      Email to reserve one.

      1. Cool, thanks for the update!
        Would it be possible to get a set of the SBF engine mounts that you used to have added to that order if you’re still cutting it at this point? 🙂
        Will reach back out to Alison today to confirm my order as I received the details late yesterday.

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