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Open House Party XII

November 16th @ 5PM or so until everyone leaves.


Industrial Chassis Inc.
3536 W. Osborn #5
Phoenix, AZ 85019

If you plug those numbers into your favorite Map App, you should be able to find us.


As tradition, we are flinging the doors open wide for the 12th time to coincide with the Goodguys 16th Western Nationals 

This year we are featuring some hands on tool demonstrations and the headliner of the show is our newest acquisition, a 1962 Pullmax P9. Something that hot rodders, bike builders and metalshapers of the like would love to have in their garage (and some have smaller examples!) but few have had the time to see just how one works.

We are also hosting a mini art Gallery. Showing works from Jimmy Smith, Brian Stupski, Christian Otjen, Aaron Voigt and Chris Swanberg.

Robert of Rabbit Hole Moto is organizing a motorcycle ride for early motorcycles. The crew should take off from the shop here around noon and ride up to Fountain Hills to meet up with the second group coming down from Payson area. After everyone gets together they will ride back here just in time for the Open House to get underway. There should be a few 30s Harleys in the ride and Robert is pushing to take the 36 VL we have been working on.

Music will be provided by Dammit Dan, a mix of blues, bluegrass and hillbilly… I think.