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Well that was interesting

Sorry for the downtime there. Not exactly the thing I wanted to happen, as soon as I got back in the shop Monday from the LA Roadster Show there were a few things that needed updating in the background on the website. One of those things did not want to play nice and caused a site failure. I ham-handed my way around trying to discover the problem to no avail. But from listening to the Tom Woods show, he mentioned that he uses a website called for instances just like this. Very impressed by the speed and expertise used to get us back up and running.

On the Roadster Shown note, we were inside for the first time. It was a bit of change for us. Usually we are in the swap area blowing product out and sweating our butts off. I swore off fighting for a space last year. It’s not an experience I want to do any longer. Plus the air conditioning sounded pretty good to us. Was it a success, time will tell. Not as much product left, we did take orders and 2016-06-18 07.08.14are shipping them this week. I will be back next year, should be the same spot in Building 4.

2 thoughts on “Well that was interesting

  1. Dear Steve, I am retired military and have only a limited knowledge of computers. Through accident I found your article on the mechanical clutch/brake pedal for a 32. I am in the process of building a 26 t 2door sedan running a 2.3 ford and 5 speed trans.Do you think your assembly will work? I am using a stock style frame. What kind of mounting fabrication will I need? Your business phone and address would be helpful. Thanks for your time, Leon

    1. Sorry, not building any further product. The brake pedal kits I did make were for stock 32 Ford K-members and for our own X-member systems only.

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