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Would you be interested in a Forums page?

I tried a forums page a while ago with lackluster performance. Is it worth bringing it back?

Do you have questions or suggestions you would like to air? Give me some feedback below.

5 thoughts on “Would you be interested in a Forums page?

  1. I know there are lurkers out there, I would like to hear from you guys.

  2. Hi Steve, I sure like everything I read about your work and am anxious to get my hands on your work for my 56 F100. I have all the dakota parts ready just need a kit. What is your current ETA for the 53-56 F100 kits? What would it cost if I got my truck there for you to build the kit and install one in my truck? Is there much interest in this kit for the 53-56? What if you took pre-orders to gauge interest and see how many are waiting to buy. If there were enough of us that were interested and had pre-orders for it would it help make the kit happen sooner? Just trying to gauge when I would be able to buy a kit. Keep the updates coming and thanks for listening.

  3. Been bottled up with tons of fab work lately that has taken us away from progress on the Dakota kits. Those jobs are getting done and will be back on track for the kits in the next few weeks.

    Our shop rate is still $75 an hour and it typically takes 4-6 hours to install one of our kits in a bare frame.

    I will take pre-orders on the kits when we are getting started on that year model. I did that with the 65-66 frames and it helped get them done faster.

  4. I bring this up for a few reasons. I want to get feedback on what you guys would like to see, discuss or have me build for sale. Sort of a think tank for us hot rodders. Right now the requests I get for product production are a bit unfeasible for short run production. I have to be concerned about costs on mine and your ends.

    Right now there are two strong trends in hot rodding: Restomod or nearly stock and slammed to the floor with patina. I kind of need to know where you guys stand on these things so I can tailor the product line to fit your needs.

  5. I think a forum page would be awesome. I would absolutely join!

    Hey Steve, Any possibility you might be entertaining the idea of a clutch pedal add-on for the brake bracket for the F-100? I am considering changing direction from an automatic to a T-56.

    BTW, love the Dakota kit! Now I just have to get the rest of the truck done, lol.

    Scott from Las Vegas.

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